ISA International Association for Security in Elementary and Secondary Schools in Bor held several lectures within the project "The safety of the youth of Bor 2018-2019". The project is conceived as a series of educational workshops through which young Bora will be introduced to the safety, risks, challenges and threats they encounter in their communities, and the first series of lectures was held on December 14th.

- The International Association for Security (ISA) has proposed to the City Municipality of Bor the project "The safety of the youth of Bor 2018/2019" to be conducted in schools through educational workshops. City leaders recognized the importance of informing young, and hence the most vulnerable citizens of Bor, with threats of violence, from street to school, to domestic violence and Internet violence. Through these workshops we showed them how they can recognize the ways in which young people are drawn into critical radical groups, preventing and preventing them from acting - was the first comment by Veroljub Petronić, ISA coordinator.

Petronić pointed out that cooperation between ISA and local self-government does not end with the completion of these workshops:

- We are expecting a new cycle of lectures, but it is especially important that within this program we also make a page on Facebook "The safety of the youth of Bor 2018/2019" in which all young people from primary and secondary schools, as well as faculty students are divided into three age groups capable of bringing security problems to their midst. The page will be monitored by the Center for Social Work and the Police in order to prevent preventive and prevent certain security risks that could endanger the young. We are all aware that we can not do anything ourselves, but if the Center for Social Work and the Police has good communication with young people, with the cooperation of local self-governments, we can greatly contribute to the safety of young people.

Petronic announced that he will conduct a survey in the following period, whose results will be presented to the police, the Center for Social Work and the City Administration, so that all institutions will be introduced to the real situation and problems among young people in this city. , with the aim of raising the safety of citizens of Bor on the highest level.

Lectures within the program "Iouth Safeti Bor 2018/2019" were held this time in the Mechanical-Electrical Engineering School, Bora Stankovic Gymnasium, Electrical Engineering School, Economic and Trade School Bor, as well as in the elementary schools "Branko Radicevic", "October 3rd" "Dusan Radovic" and "Sveti Sava".

The lecturers were Veroljub Petronić, MSc, Andrej Protić, communicologist, Tomislav Radović, professor at the University of "John Nezbit", Oksana Bratina, Srdjan Simonović, lawyer and Boris Bratina, docent at the Faculty of Philosophy. Lectures were followed by Sanja Mihajlović, Secretary General of the Association and Slobodan Ignjatović, ISA coordinator and technical lecturer in Bor.

As part of the promotion of the project "Youth Security Pistol 2018/2019", Aleksandar Manic, ISA President, and Veroljub Petronic, ISA Coordinator, visited RTV Bor.

The project "Youth Security Council 2018/2019" will continue next year, and it is planned to hold lectures two more times in February and April.

See more photos from this event in our gallery.

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