On August 1st, International Security Association (ISA; in Serbian, Међународна безбедносна асоцијација) was founded in Belgrade, Serbia.

ISA is non governmental, non profit, independent and apolitical association based on achieving the goals in the area of security and ecology.

Association gathers individuals and organizations, both from private and public sector of The Republic of Serbia, as well as from other countries and performs cooperation, coordination and exchange of experience in the sector of security and ecology.

The main objectives of the Association are to promote the exchange of professional and vocational experience and to develop safety culture and awareness. to

Cooperation with similar associations and organizations from Serbia, but also throughout Europe is expected in the coming period. ISA envisages to join the existing projects on security, but also to initiate its own projects.

The plan is to form a Committee on crisis management and risk assessment of crisis situations, as well as a Training Centre that would work in cooperation with relevant national, but also non-governmental organizations.

The special emphasis of the Association is to put special emphasis on the education of the population, which would be carried out through interactive participation in professional conferences, seminars, forums and other forms of education in the field of security.

The training would be conducted and led by the experts in the fields of security and, in cooperation with universities, schools, professional associations and other organizations in the country and abroad, in order to raise security awareness and efficient activities in all structures of society.

ISA finds children the most valuable treasure of the society and the special focus will be on the protection and education of children. That can be achieved via cooperation with experts specialized in work and education of children and youth, but also experts in the filed of security. Lectures and discussions will be adapted to primary and secondary school.

As we live in the age of Internet being the necessary part of life of all the social structures, Association will be involved in the education in that area. Since cyber crimes have been on the rise, educational processes in that area, about protection, will be conducted in cooperation with the representatives of The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia. The participants will be informed about the new technologies and the ways to fight this sort of criminal.

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